Weekend Reading

I’ve seen other bloggers do a link roundup and I like the idea. Because I have a desk job, I spend a lot of time browsing the internets. I’m trying to get better about this because it’s usually a waste of time. However, I’ll stumble upon something worthwhile every now and then. Here’s some good stuff I found this week:


  • It’s fall and everyone is obsessed with all things pumpkin (I’m totally guilty of this too). College humor put together this nifty graphic of other pumpkin flavor things you probably haven’t thought about.

NY Things

  • Housing affordability is a MAJOR problem in NY. This Buzzfeed article shows the comparative CASTLE that you can buy with the money you would spend on a so-so NY property. (“Here’s a 1-bed, 1.5-bath 1,200-square-foot apartment on E. 30th St. It’s conveniently located near nothing interesting.” Ha!).
  • Brooklyn rents are also ridiculous thanks to the borough growing in popularity in Hollywood and the media (lookin at you Girls).
  • Here’s another hilarious Buzzfeed list on all the things that enrage already angry New Yorkers.


  • A Math/Physics major asks Reddit Books what ‘classics’ are typically studied by English majors and how he/she can enhance their understanding of the texts. 590 replies and counting, a lot of people responded and it’s interesting what they cam up with.
  • I’ve been eyeing these awesome literature posters on Etsy for awhile and contemplating which one to get.

Geeky Things

  • You can search Creative Commons images from Flickr by color with this cool tool.
  • As someone who takes public transportation everywhere, I’d love to be able to travel to other major cities by high-speed rail. An artist made this awesome map of his vision for the future of US rail.


I actually meant to post this on Friday (for weekend reading!). My first book review is coming, I’m just tidying up a few things. Hope your Monday isn’t terrible.



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