Weekend Reading

Well, I’m only one day late on this.










  • Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, did an AMA on Reddit!
  • I’d like to meet the person who doesn’t like getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Letters are awesome! We should write more letters!
  • Well, this guy’s a peach.
  • Had a tough year? (I know I have.) Been told no too often? Ready to give up? Take solace, friend, these fabulous authors also had their share of rejection.
  • I’ve seen this post floating around the internet quite a bit in the past week. Although I’m not usually into fluffy stuff like this, the post struck a cord with me.

Wise Words

  • I remember reading some of this blog post that Roger Ebert wrote before he passed away. I think this passage is beautiful, and true, and has some life advice we should all take in.


  • A big pet peeve of mine is the constant and irrelevant use of hashtags. I mean, people used hashtags on facebook even before facebook installed its hashtag feature. Why? Jimmy Fallon and JT explore how dumb you look when you do this.
  • Don Jon came out in theaters this week and I’m a HUGE Joseph Gordon Levitt fan. Here is a lip sync battle between my guy, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Merchant.


  • Need a quick laugh? Watch this.
  • Need a pick me up? Read this.
  • Want to cry and never eat any pre-made food from the grocery store again? Read this. (For shame Odwalla Superfood.)


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