This was in Barcelona. All of these books are in Spanish. I can't read them.

This was in Barcelona. All of these books are in Spanish. I can’t read them.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! My name is Mary and I’m a passionate traveler, grammar junkie, feline lover, and total literary nerd. I love to go new places, eat vegetarian food, write overly sappy fiction, and read as much and as widely as I can.

Friends and family often ask me what book they should read next. I try to write genuine book reviews that are both personal and objective, and helpful to others looking for their next great read. I also feel like many book clubs and online discussion groups lack a book community that focuses on intelligent, well-written fiction that doesn’t involve Nicholas Sparks novels or vampire trilogies.

I also love to travel and share new adventures. My most recent jobs have involved travel writing and photography, and I hope that folks will come here for tips and inspiration. It’s a big world and it’s waiting for you to explore it.

I recently went back to school for computer programming! It’s been a total readjustment and a huge challenge, but I’m loving every minute of it. So there’s some nerdy code talk here as well.

Happy wandering, happy reading, happy coding!