Monthly Archive:: September 2016


It’s A Matter Of State

Hey girl, what’s your state? boyfriend no boyfriend married to Ryan Gosling (dream state?) ‘State’ is a term that is often thrown around in programming. I didn’t think much about it until we started learning React and Redux, which are entirely concerned with state. Having a solid grasp of state is essential


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Undoing Changes in Git

Any beginner developer has been there – you’re working on a project, creating branches, making commits, merging with master, and oops – you made a mistake. You have a ton of commits and the code broke somewhere. Someone else merged your branch and now it’s four steps ahead with incorrect code. You made all


Understanding JavaScript Closures

I first learned about closures before starting my coding bootcamp and thought I had a general handle on the concept. Then I learned about them for a second time in my course and felt more confused than I was before. I decided to write a post to solidify my understanding of the