Weekend Reading

It’s Friday! And I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to visit my college roommate, Ashley.









Hope you enjoy some weekend reading!


  • David Sedaris has a touching new piece in The New Yorker. In the wake of his sister’s suicide, his family takes their annual beach vacation and must cope with suddenly becoming a family of six.


  • Down with slutty Halloween costumes! Here is Take Back Halloween – a “costume guide for women with imagination.”


  • I had imaginary friends (plural) when I was very young. There was my mainstay, Apple, who was my bff for about 2 years, but a few others rotated through – Girlfriend (I was so original), a boy with blonde hair, and a dog. My mom told me that they all went away when I went to school and made real friends. This article in The Wall Street Journal explores how pretend friends can be beneficial later in life.
  • Here is a map of the most popular girl names, state-by-state, in the last 60 years. Mary was most popular in 1960-1961. My parents were only 25 years late.

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